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Its’ an architect and design studio, based in Milan (Italy).

We have participated in several  architecture and design competitions achieving important national and international awards.

Our projects have been featured in several exhibitions and publications.

The basis of our design concept is to impress: will leave you astounded!, but without letting the design part affect the functional part.

The study consists of a multidisciplinary team (architects, engineers, designers and graphic artists) works with competence and professionalism in the field of architecture and engineering projects, from preliminary design to the implementation stage, with special emphasis on relacción with the issue of sustainability of the project, both in economic and environmental terms.

We handle 360° of services dedicated to the building:

  • Preliminary architectural projects and executive
  • Renovation of buildings
  • Reports
  • Ratings
  • Energy certificates 
  • Energy Audits
  • 3D Design

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